I am happy to say that we finally have a date confirmed for a Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Awareness/Fundraiser event we've been wanting to host for quit some time.  It is going to be Thursday evening, May 21st at the Los Gatos Theatre.  The director from Under Our Skin will do a Q and A after the movie.  I will send out the details in the next few days.  Proceeds will go to Open Eye Pictures, Bay Area Lyme Foundation, and LymeLight Foundation.  

May is a very, very important and crucial month to bring more awareness to this devastating disease!  The past couple of weeks have been really rough for all of my family.  Scott is continuing to do his PK treatment, and Bronte and Isabelle have had a lot of symptoms flare up.  My youngest daughter Abby starting showing some symptoms so we just had her tested along with getting testing for me.  I have had symptoms for 2 years, but they go off and on, and I feel lucky this far that I haven't had to start treatment because I am taking care of everybody and still need to.  However, with that being said my symptoms have increased a little so I just got retested and will find out more in a couple of weeks.  

Scott and I just did an interview with the Los Gatos television station explaining our situation from  all of these years, and trying to educate the public that this is a real disease with so many people suffering. If we can help one person we will be happy!

Thank you for your love and support through our journey!