A New Treatment and More Testing

We really appreciate people that have commented on our blog and have sent well wishes!  It is a really lonely world to be in with Lyme Disease and all your prayers and thoughts mean so much to our family, so THANK  YOU!  Just adding a simple comment to our blog brightens our day more than people really understand.  We deal with crisis on a daily basis so just reading a sentence like "We're thinking of you!" makes a difference!  

This past week was difficult  for all of my family.  As a wife and mother (the only word I can come up with is, "unbearable") it is unbearable to watch my husband and daughters suffer every single day!  And anyone who has this disease understands, it is daily suffering.  My faith,  and love we receive from family and friends continues to carry us through this journey that we've been on for so long., and we are grateful for that! 

 Scott has started his new treatment and it will be interesting to see how he is affected by it and if there will be any benefits.  There are only a little over 300 people in the world trying it right now. It is both an anxious and intriguing place to be in,  for we wait week to week to see if  he will start  feeling better or worse.  I have been having some symptoms of Lyme Disease and Co-Infections for a couple of years now that go off and on,  however  last week they increased so more than likely I will be starting treatment as well.  My testing a couple of years ago was inconclusive, but a lot of times (because the testing is still not 100% accurate) you get diagnosed clinically.  Isabelle continues to do her IV's and is so brave going to school part time.  She and Bronte are going through a lot of brain issues right now , as well as other issues the Disease haunts you with.  My youngest daughter has been the healthiest thus far, but has had some symptoms recently and we had her tested and are waiting for the results.  

I know just reading our blog is daunting,  because at times, especially when I read what I've journaled, I have to remove myself emotionally just to get through the writing.  I've decided to do this blog because I really believe I am fighting for my families lives, , fighting for the other sufferers, and for all of those who are infected who haven't even begun this journey.  I do feel blessed that through this 18 (+) years journey that I am able to write and share our story in hopes that no one else has to endure what we are still fighting for.  Please share this website with anyone you think you could help!