I dedicate this poem to all of those who are suffering from Lyme Disease and Co-Infections! Love, Camille

To the many faces we have met, in dealing with this tragic lonely illness.

Let there be light to brighten your days, even when it's bleak, and you're fading away.

To the many of you suffering, where silence is heard, the weeping in agony, the power in your words.

Like patterns of cloth sewn together, so are our stories we've experienced and weathered.

For the moments you feel all alone, remember you're not fighting this on your own.

For the hardships and challenges each of us has faced.  Let it bring hope, inspiration to find a cure with grace.

To all of you both young and old.  Our thread is as one, the truth WILL unfold.

The courage I've observed when put to shame, inspires and gives me much needed strength.

The years of sickness have taken its toll, so try not let it penetrate our soul.

Each of us has a narrative all our own, swirling with vividness, and ready to be known.

For the colors of our stories are each unique, and will hopefully be what help people BELIEVE.

For the days that are dark and you feel quite broken, stay strong, and have faith that a movement has awoken.

Each of us suffering makes the patterns distinct, rich with complexity THE DISEASE WE WILL BEAT!